Piedmont Culinary Guild's Sensoria Food & Wine

We are huge fans of Kris Reid and The Piedmont Culinary Guild, which you may have heard about on this awesome episode of the Scallionpancake podcast. In recent years, PCG has partnered with Central Piedmont Community College to present a food and wine celebration at their Sensoria Art and Literature Festival. Local chefs join with local wineries to create food and wine pairings, and patrons eat, drink, and celebrate Charlotte’s culinary scene. Beyond all of the delicious food and drink, there are even culinary breakout sessions you can attend to get educated on food and wine after you fill your belly with delicious food. The event is held on a spring Sunday, and we have attended the past two years and enjoyed ourselves immensely. It’s really a great opportunity to see the up and coming chefs in the area.

The most fun part is that attendees get to vote on their favorite pairing at the end of the event. Last year, Chef Greg Collier won for his smoked trout and apple salad on cornbread toast. Who won this year? Read on to find out!

Jason couldn’t make it, so I went with good friend of the blog Nancy!

Jason couldn’t make it, so I went with good friend of the blog Nancy!

Eat This:



Chef Adam Reed

Roasted pork over pickled slaw and tropical salsa


Hello, Sailor

Chef Mike Rozycki

Spring onion rigatoni with braised pork and Parmigiano Reggiano



Chef Vince Giancarlo

Piccione Nero braised Springer Mountain Farms chicken thighs, finished on the Big Green Egg with Cheerwine Korean chili BBQ sauce and kimchi pickled vegetables



Chef David Feimster

Spicy Yellowtail wonton tacos with chili oil, pickled shallots, green onions, and cilantro


Members Food Service

Chef Brandon Lopez

Gorgonzola panna cotta with pancetta, vanilla and honey popcorn, corn shoots, and lemon-basil microgreens



Chef Chris Coleman

Smoked pork belly sweet fry bread with peanut, benne, and chili jam


Duke’s Bread

Chef David Quintana

Pork katsu with pickled cabbage, black garlic tonkatsu sauce, and potato bread


Barberry Lunchbox

Chef Majid Amoorpour

Wild mushroom and truffle-infused goat cheese crostini


Aux Bar

Chef Steven Goff

Braised rabbit with mustard whip and creamy Farm & Sparrow grits


The Fig Tree

Chef Greg Zanitsch

Smoked duck mousse profiterole with bacon fig chutney, bleu cheese butter, and pickled red onions


The Stanley

Chef Paul Verica

Beef tartare on brioche with pickled potato, truffle, yolk, and herbs



Chef Whitney Thomas

Harmony Ridge Farm duck liver mousse with pickled ramps, and huckleberry marmalade on brioche



Sweet Spot Studio

Chef Jossie Lukacik

Dessert of honey and lemon


Earl’s Grocery

Chef Jamie Turner

Apricot tangelo chiffon mousse cake with laurel-lime gastrique with white chocolate crumble

Who won, you ask? Okay, okay, it was none other than Scallionpancake Podcast favorite, Chris Coleman! His fry bread donut deserved all of the accolades and extra pug fairy dust to boot. That dish was definitely our personal favorite, and we also loved the pork katsu sandwich from Duke’s bread, the profiterole from The Fig Tree, and both desserts.

Sensoria is all about the wine, but I am all about not having a hangover Monday morning. I stuck with water. Woo!


As Sensoria is presented in conjunction with CPCC, it’s held at the Philip L. Van Every Culinary Arts Building off of King’s Drive. It’s a lovely spot for an event like this with a large professional cooking space, but it does get super crowded with so many chef’s stations and people milling about. We recommend coming early to avoid peak crowds!

Also, the last two years the wonderful people of Blue Goat Dairy have been posted near the entrance sampling their wonderful selection of sweet and savory goat cheeses. They also sell delicious candied pecans!


Piedmont Region Hospitality:
Most of the chefs seem super happy to be at this event and talk to the people, which makes it a great way to get to know the faces behind your favorite restaurants and new discoveries. For restaurants who don’t have chefs who are as…uh, personable, we recommend that they send a smiley surrogate in their place. Trust us, we get it – we wouldn’t want to interface with the sweaty masses of plebeians either, but if you know making small talk isn’t your thing, send your food with an ambassador.

Frankie’s Notes:
The things that Chef Coleman can do with donuts defy logic and break the donut glass ceiling; When in doubt, put a duck on it; Everyone loves the girl drinking water at a wine event; Not all chefs are people-chefs, and that’s a-okay with Frankie; You know what doesn’t pair well with a spicy cabernet? A sweaty plebeian.


The Updog Kombucha Origin Story

Olivia Wolff asked us to write an article on Updog Kombucha in exchange for a sick purple t-shirt. How could we say no to that? Instead of a lame article, we decided to write a short one act play in Shakespearean English. Feel free to read in a British accent.


A London Bar in the past


My Lady!


My Lord!


I herald news not of your liking.


Oh, Lord!


 ‘Tis Arthur. I am afraid his health and temperament have turned.


Alas, I have feared such news for some fortnights.
My Arthur!
Why doth your health forsake thee?
Our love, in its spring and full of life.
Yet your illness stains the day.
By Jove, may this be a test?
For we shall not allow the King nor God
To cometh between our brave souls.
My William, ‘tis the prognosis?


‘Tis grim, my lady.
His gut doth protest too much.
The doctor, aged and wise
Has not viewed nor heard
Of a case this vile and less of hope.
My lady, my heart cries of sadness
To bring such news to thee. 

Lady Margaret begins to sob.


Friends, I suggest to thee a potion
From the Orient doth come.
Its power, witches envy;
Its magic, Merlin desires.
Your lover, deep in sorrow
Hope, forsaken thee.
Bring him to the brewpub
For his life is the stake.
’Tis the one last option
For your love, the risk is worth.

 William scurries out of the bar to go and retrieve the ailing body of Arthur.


Barkeep, this far east potion,
Of whose magic I doth hope,
Can save my lover’s biome
And thus, our future!
Doth it have a name? 


The shaman that delivered it
Hath named the potion Kombucha.
Of Japan, it’s origin


Dearest Kombucha!
May thy delivery to my lover
Remedy for his sickness.
So, once more, happiness doth cometh
In our house and in our hearts.

At this moment, Arthur is brought in on a stretcher, mumbling incoherently, William by his side.


My Arthur!


‘Tis Grave.
Barkeep, deliver thy potion.  


Doth he prefer Mojito,
Or doth he prefer Hibiscus? 


Give thee both,
For only god knoweth the preference.

The bartender drops in Arthur’s mouth two drops of each Kombucha. With each drop, Arthur’s body shakes dramatically. 


Up, my Arthur, my dog!


Methinks his life has vanished.

 They all begin to leave the bar, with grave sadness. Then they hear a faint stirring.


Halt, thy friends!
Tis Arthur, his soul has vanished not!
Look! The ‘boocha’s magic
Has doth life brought back to thee.
A great miracle upon thy bar,
A life, doth saved.


My Margaret!


A great miracle!
Even St Paul is shocked.
The Kombucha saved thee, my lover.
A great debt I doth owe to it.


We must spread thy word to all
Of the powers of the Boocha.
For my life is one,
Yet I shall dedicate myself
To the health of mine countrymen.
They shall all know the powers
This potion doth undertake.


A life together shared,
Full of love and full of drink.
To save thine with bacteria
Our health, we are sure to thank.

They embrace and curtains close.

And thus, Arthur and Margaret spent the rest of their lives spreading the good word of Kombucha, and a few years later Updog Kombucha is born.