The Daily

The Daily, located in Uptown's Fourth Ward, is owned by the same local restaurant group that owns Prohibition, Connolly's, Dandelion Market, Tyber Creek Pub, and The Workman's Friend. Dandelion and The Workman's Friend both have fantastic food, and The Daily is no exception. This casual American taproom has a wide selection of menu items, many of which are made in-house. Check out what we have tried below! 


Eat This: 


Beef Jerky

spicy, sweet, salty


White Cheddar Biscuits

honey butter, pepper jelly


Chop CHop Salad

Chopped lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, blue cheese, bacon, pickled peppers, pepitas, buttermilk herb dressing


Avocado Toast

Avocado, pepper flakes, bacon, egg, toast

Fried egg ready for its close up

Fried egg ready for its close up

We have yet to try dessert, but the item that catches our eye every time is the Carolina Beach Pie, made with a lemon custard and a saltine cracker crust. They also offer a chocolate mousse. 

The Daily has a huge selection of beers on tap, as well as lots of canned beers and wine. Their cocktail list is highly creative, and the one that remains on my must-try list is the Mexican Mocha, made with mezcal, homemade cayenne cocoa syrup, local iced coffee and topped with fresh cream and star anise. Yum!

The inside of The Daily is a cozy and dimly lit pub, and the covered patio is a light and breezy option when the weather is nice. We always feel very comfortable here--it's not too "bar like" to come and enjoy a nice meal, but it is not stuffy, either. 


Uptown Funk You Up Hospitality: 
We have received incredible and friendly service on all of our visits. A lovely bonus is that all of the food comes out super quickly!

Frankie's Notes:
The white cheddar biscuits are a cure for loneliness, heartbreak, and the common cold; Jason used to spend many wild nights at Prohibition in his drunken youth; Desserts made with saltine crackers make my heart skip a beat; Frankie used to make homemade beef jerky, but now he mostly focuses on bath bombs. 


3 out of 5