Seoul Food Meat Co

On Saturday night, Seoul Food Kitchen had its soft opening. If you want some K-pop and Korean barbeque, then you have found the promised land. This place was jammin' for a little-publicized opening, which we think really speaks to Charlotteans desire for new and interesting cuisine (we do well, but we could do better). They were only offering one option on Saturday: a tray of foods, the variety dictated by the kitchen.

Our tray included two kinds of barbeque, a sweet pork and a smokey brisket. Both were fantastic and we could have easily eaten more, but we didn't want to hog (pun) the meat from our fellow patrons--not foodies, by the way-I detest the word foodie. It's like moist. Moist foodie. Shudder. 

The tray also included Sriracha slaw, pickles, sticky rice with chilis, and pimento corn cheese served with rice crisps. 

The full menu was teased, and it included wonders such as green tea biscuits, soju, and something called "potato swirl." We will definitely be back soon--they are opening for real sometime in the next couple of weeks, but they told us they couldn't give an exact day. The suspense makes it even more exciting! 

Very important linguistic query: What's a good alternative for the word "foodie?" Gastronomes? Culinarians? The fat kids inside of us all? Discuss.