Copenhagen is home to one of the best and most influential chefs in the world--Rene Redzepi of Noma fame. Redzepi started the food revolution in Copenhagen, and the city hasn't looked back since. Now, you can find dozens of great restaurants from chefs all over the world. From pizza to ramen, Copenhagen has something for everyone. The fairy tale landscape, ridiculously attractive people, and biking culture aren't too bad, either.


Language Spoken: Danish, although almost everyone speaks English

Currency: Danish Kroner

When to Go: Summer in Copenhagen is the best. There is an energy to the city that is palpable during the summer that is lacking the rest of the year. Everyone is happy, because the rest of the year can get quite cold, rainy, and dark. Make sure you bring a swimsuit, as it's very popular to go swimming in the harbor in the summer. Most Danes do it everyday.

Where to Stay: Stay either in the center city or in Christanshavn. We've stayed at Airbnbs and Hotels. Airbnbs tend to be cheaper and all of our hosts have been great.

Getting There: Copenhagen has a great airport with international flights to all the main cities in Europe and a lot of the major hubs around the world. It is also possible to take trains to Copenhagen from other parts of Europe, although these do not run as frequently. From the airport, take the metro to where you are staying. It's incredibly clean, directly connected to the airport, and it's only a 15 minute ride to the center of the city. It is also possible to take a day trip to Malmö, Sweden, which is just a 30 minute train ride from Copenhagen. Pro-tip: Sometimes the flights from here are a bit cheaper.

Tipping: Tipping is not common in Denmark.

Credit Cards/Cash: The Nordic countries, Denmark included, are very progressive with their credit card use. 99% of places will take card, and a lot are starting to not allow cash. Make sure you are prepared with a credit card that does not charge international fees.

Getting Around: If you aren't on foot, you are on bike. Copenhagen is the most bike friendly city in the world, with bike lanes next to the cars on every street. You'll see most Danes riding bikes around town. Copenhagen is also extremely walkable, but to get the most out of the city, we suggest renting a bike, at least for a day.